We're a heart-driven company that dresses and serves nurses & PAs & doctors & surgeons & aides & veterinarians & dentists & pharmacists & PTs & aestheticians & technicians & OTs... & beyond.
We're living proof that incredible things can happen when you have a deep passion for your work and a genuine appreciation of the people you serve.

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As a proud member of the Kindthread ecosystem of brands, Scrubs & Beyond has been dressing healthcare workers for success for over two decades. And we are not done yet.

The desire to exceed expectations and push limits is ingrained in our DNA. To expand our reach even further, we acquired Uniform City and Life Uniform in 2013 to become the nation's largest retailer of healthcare apparel and accessories, with now more than 120 stores nationwide.

We are looking for team members who share our values and are excited to help us write the next chapter in our story. Join us and be part of a team that is dedicated to transforming the healthcare retail experience.

Our team

You’ll experience the magic of Scrubs & Beyond one smile, one handshake, and one kind word at a time. Creating a sense of belonging and togetherness is one of our greatest priorities.

Think of us as one big happy group where every interaction, whether it's with a customer or coworker, feels like a warm hug. It doesn't matter whether you're a brand-new recruit or a seasoned worker, whether you work in our HQ or in the field–you're one of us, which means we're here to lend a hand or an ear through thick and thin.

Our values

Creating a work environment that consistently prioritizes people and fosters powerful, meaningful connections is a driving force behind everything we do. These are the core principles that ignite our passion and shape our organization.

Taking good care of our environment

We take care of people and nature through everything that needs attention and compassion.

Relationships make the difference

Building meaningful relationships helps build a sense of connectedness among people.

Every voice is heard

No one is left unheard on any topic.

Always seek to improve

If you want it, you can do it.

People first

Humans at the center of every process.

Are you ready for a workplace where your authenticity can shine?

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