“First off, I love LOVE our customers! The job they do every day helps me do my job... and I love my team!”

Alicia L., Regional Manager

Alicia L.

Regional Manager

“Scrubs and Beyond has become like a family to me over the last eight years. I've made lifelong connections with coworkers as well as customers. We are all about our customers AND we definitely have the BEST customers!”

Meredith L., Store Manager

Meredith L.

Store Manager

“I have been with Scrubs & Beyond for 7 years, since retiring from the Army after 27 years of service. Working in the Warehouse Shipping and Receiving department, I have learned a lot. I also enjoy enjoy the interaction I have with people from other teams within the company.”

Bishop C., Warehouse Coordinator

Bishop C.

Warehouse Coordinator

“I love to find out what people do for a living. Whether its just someone taking blood samples or a Surgeon performing an operation, its always fun to hear what they do all day long! I never knew that there were so many choices to help people.”

Jason P., Store Manager

Jason P.

Store Manager

“Scrubs & Beyond is an enjoyable place to work with flexible hours and friendly coworkers.”

Mona M., Sales Associate

Mona M.

Sales Associate

“In the stores we have a vision statement – “By going above and beyond for our customers and each other, we will reflect the heart of the caregiver.” I love that we support this vision in whatever we do. The teamwork that is shown between all departments is amazing and, ultimately, all for the caregiver.”

Kim M., Regional Manager

Kim M.

Regional Manager

“I love working here because it is different every day. With the company growing and expanding, it's an amazing time to be on board!”

Brandee C., Regional Manager

Brandee C.

Regional Manager

“After 10 years I still love working here! Our culture at Scrubs & Beyond cultivates a customer-centric environment that allows every employee to feel that what they do impacts our customers in a positive way.”

Stephanie H., Director of E-Commerce Operations

Stephanie H.

Director of E-Commerce Operations

“One of my favorite things about the company is the environment that has been created here at Scrubs & Beyond. The culture produces a relaxed atmosphere that allows for productivity and a feeling of appreciation.”

Michelle M., Senior Staff Accountant

Michelle M.

Senior Staff Accountant

“What sets Scrubs & Beyond apart from other businesses is our unique twist on retail. We have the ability to bring the store experience to the customers while they are at work. I love working for this company because everyone I work with is always in a positive, uplifting mood.”

Robert W., Event Regional Manager

Robert W.

Event Regional Manager

“I love my job because I receive the opportunity to serve others the way I want to be served–with passion! Scrubs & Beyond stands behind serving their customers and going above and beyond for one another.”

Jamie C., Assistant Manager

Jamie C.

Assistant Manager

“Every day is new and exciting in the sales department at Scrubs & Beyond.As Sales Representatives, we are on the front line, delivering solutions to our customers' needs every day. Joining our sales team means being part of a very unique business model, and growing environment!”

Angelo M., Vice President of Sales

Angelo M.

Vice President of Sales

“The reason I love working here is because I have the privilege of connecting with selfless individuals who go above and beyond in their profession.”

Nicole S., Key Holder

Nicole S.

Key Holder

“At Scrubs and Beyond it is all about the customer. We want to ensure the customer has a great experience in our stores, at our events or shopping on the web. The customer is why we are here.”

Mary Pat S., Director Catalog & Internet Merchandising

Mary Pat S.

Director Catalog & Internet Merchandising

“I love that we provide the caregiver with great product... it is the most rewarding job!”

Lynn B., Regional Manager

Lynn B.

Regional Manager

“At Scrubs & Beyond, teamwork is encouraged. I am truly amazed at everyone's willingness to come together to problem solve and help each other reach the end goal, the best experience for our customer.”

Christie K., Associate Buyer

Christie K.

Associate Buyer

“The women and men that shop with us have dedicated themselves to bettering the lives of others. Making their experience with us an outstanding one is the least we can do.”

Erin K, Sr. Director of Marketing

Erin K

Sr. Director of Marketing

“We have the best customers, best service, best merchandise, best business partners at every level. Every part of the company is working so hard and in unison to make it happen. Together we are one unstoppable team!”

Gail M., Director of Store Operations

Gail M.

Director of Store Operations

“Working in the Outside Sales Department, I have the ability to touch every area of the business. It is really exciting to be a part of such a unique business model. I learn something new everyday!”

Lindsey S., Event Operation Manager

Lindsey S.

Event Operation Manager

“I love working here because it's a fun, fast-paced environment with a flexible schedule, and the opportunity to give back to our caregivers.”

Veronica M., Assistant Manager

Veronica M.

Assistant Manager

Mission, Values & Vision

Karla Bakersmith, President & Founder

Karla Bakersmith | President & Founder

Our Mission
Create an enjoyable shopping experience by providing value, service, quality and selection to medical professionals and beyond!

Our Values
Scrubs & Beyond was truly "inspired by the caregiver." Great pride is taken in our company's purpose to provide the best apparel and accessories to our outstanding healthcare professionals. They are the reason we strive to be the best and continually set the standard in the industry.

Our Vision
The vision for Scrubs & Beyond is shaped by our president, Karla Bakersmith. She set out to revolutionize the way caregivers shop for healthcare uniforms. Our main focus is to find opportunities to create a superior shopping experience for all caregivers, wherever they shop with Scrubs & Beyond. We accomplish this by continually being trailblazers in the industry with innovation and strategic planning.

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